A Guide to Fabric Filters


What Is A Fabric Filter?
A fabric filter, also known as a baghouse, is a device which controls air pollution. It works by removing particulates out of the air or gas which are released from commercial processes. Different businesses like steel mills, food manufacturers and power plants utilize fabric filters in order to control their emission of air pollutants.

Advantages of Using A Fabric Filter

Aside from being environment friendly, there are also different advantages that companies can get from making use of fabric filters. Here are some of it:

1. Takes Up Less Energy - Many would believe that getting a fabric filter would give their electricity a boost. That assumption is incorrect. Compared to other devices or technologies used to lessen air pollutants, fabric filters actually take up less energy, therefore saving factories and businesses more money in the long run. Watch this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xl9j3JAM5cg about filter.

2. Flammable Dust Can Be Collected - Fabric filters also takes the hazard of combustion away. Unlike other devices, fabric filters have the ability to also collect flammable dust particles in the air, making a factory a safer environment for the employees.

3. Available In Different Sizes and Inlet and Outlet Locations - Fabric filters can also be bought in different sizes and inlet and outlet locations, depending on what a factory needs as they are known to be versatile and flexible devices. This means that it doesn't have to take up too much space if it doesn't have to in the first place. This also means that you will be able to make space for it easier.

4. Cost Effective - Fabric filters can also be cost effective when it is properly designed and maintained. As mentioned earlier, it saves more energy compared to other devices. Not only does it cost relatively lesser when purchase but its maintenance fee also costs less.

Disadvantages of Fabric Filters

Just as everything has its own flaws, so does American Fabric Filter. Here are some:

1. Burning of Fabric Bags - As the device is made out of fabric, it has a tendency to melt at temperature extremes. This means that while its maintenance fee may be relatively low, you will also have to get it maintained a number of times more often compared to other machines.

2. Can't Collect Everything - While fabric filters at https://americanfabricfilter.com can collect flammable dust, it cannot, however, collect everything. There is still a limitation to the kinds of dust particles that it can collect. This means that there is a tendency that some particles are not collected and still manage to get through the filter.